Fire in the Pines Scavenger Hunt: October 2-9

Winners will be announced October 10!

Get outdoors and discover nature using the iNaturalist app anywhere in New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender Counties!

  • Find Wildlife or Plants!

    Take a picture or observation.  See it, snap it!
    You can also observe sounds, bird calls, animal noises, etc.

  • Share your observations on the iNaturalist app.

    Submit your observation through iNaturalist.

  • Categories:

    • A longleaf pine in any stage of its life cycle (seedling, grass stage, bottle brush, mature)
    • Wiregrass growing in longleaf pine forest
    • Three other plants growing within 50 feet of a longleaf pine
    • Three other living organisms besides plants found within 50 feet of a longleaf pine
  • Prizes will be awarded for:

    • Most total species observed
    • Most total observations
    • Each participant will be entered into a bonus raffle!

Start your scavenger hunt at one of these public parks & recreation areas!